Meet James Hinckley

James Hinckley, born in Phoenix, Arizona, attended school in the Maryvale area, graduating from Bostrom and Maryvale High Schools. Starting at age 13, he became involved in gang activity. In 1991, at the age of 17, James ended up with a nearly fatal gunshot wound to his spinal cord with paralysis in his arms and legs. Despite these hardships, James led a peer mentoring program while in high school (SAV: Students Against Violence) along the side of Jennifer Rauhouse (Founder & CEO of “Peer Solutions”, Stand & Serve). Main goal being to help others to make better choices and stay out of gangs. James furthered his education by attending Phoenix College, where he continued his involvement in the community by speaking on panels and workshops, such as a Martin Luther King Youth Rally, City Dads, and the Arizona Christian Youth Center. He was also a part of organizing diverse cultural and ethnic groups to come together for a common purpose (stopping senseless acts of violence). James starred in a featured documentary “Shot by a Kid” that was produced by BBC network. James went on to Arizona State University, receiving his Bachelor degree in social work.

Since then, James has partnered with his brother Bobby Wade (former NFL player) to speak to kids throughout the country about gang intervention/prevention, drug use & abuse and domestic violence/dating and relationship’s using the choices, decisions, and consequences formula. In 2010, James received the Governor’s Award for Mentor of the Year, presented by Jan Brewer. More recently he was in a documentary, “Moving Forward Before and After Quadriplegia”. In September of 2016, James Hinckley was presented an Award from Vocational Rehabilitation for Voc Client of the Year. James volunteers as a group facilitator at Enduring Ties (Hospice of the Valley) for Grieving Children and Arizona Youth Leadership Forum for young people with different abilities transitioning into adulthood. James actively works with the South Mountain W.O.R.K.S Coalition (“Working to Build Opportunity, Resources, Knowledge and Skills”) and attends monthly planning meetings! James sits on two boards, “Cross-Disability Police Advisory Board” & “Diverse Ability Incorporated”. 

James most recently started school at CFTN (Church For The Nations) School of Ministry. James believes that his faith in Christ has sustained him throughout his life. He also feels that combined faith in JESUS with his drive and determination he learned through sports, prior to his injury, shows that no matter what you’re faced with in life to never give up and keep a positive attitude. For the past 5 years James plays in a powered wheelchair soccer league USPSA (“United States Power Soccer Association”) for the Ability 360 Team United.
James is embarking on starting his own non-profit business.

Look out for the S.M.A.R.T.R program!