Kickoff Webconference: Tuesday, June 30th from 9am to 4pm


This year’s Partners in Preparedness Summit Series begins on Tuesday, June 30th with a webconference packed full of subject matter experts. Come listen to Judy Heumann, Lewis Kraus, Marcie Roth, and MORE!

Watch LIVE starting at 9am (Pacific/Arizona Time).

Since 2011, there has been five statewide Partners in Preparedness Summits in Arizona. These were one and two-day in-person conferences that brought together the local community members along with emergency management to work on innovative approaches to inclusive disaster readiness.

These events served as a forum where those working in emergency management could share emergency plans and develop relationships with community members in advance of an emergency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought all the states and territories in the United States closer together in a shared crisis. We come together in grief for those we have lost, and with determination to make systematic changes that provide quality information and resources for individuals who have disabilities.

The purpose of this year’s Partners in Preparedness Summit Series is to shed light on the dark crevasses of the systematic inequalities that have left so many individuals who have disabilities to “go without” during this global pandemic and national crisis.


Upcoming events:

Join us for these upcoming weekly webinars on this year's Partners in Preparedness Summit Series theme, Disability Justice During Crisis. The first webinar in this series will be "Racial Justice During COVID-19" on Friday, July 3rd at 2pm (Pacific/Arizona Time).

Racial Justice During COVID-19 Webinar
Housing Justice & Ageism During COVID-19
Mental Health Justice During COVID-19

COVID-19 Related Resources

View the Partners in Preparedness Summit’s full list of sources for relabile COVID-19 information here.
This list was compiled by the Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council to provide additional information for individuals who have disabilities and individuals living in or visiting the state of Arizona.

Meet Our 2020 National Summit Partners

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected every state and territory in the nation. As a result, Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council teamed up with the National Council on Independent Living, the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, and the World Institute on Disability to transform a statewide in-person conference into this year’s 2020 Partners in Preparedness Summit Series: Disability Justice in Crisis.

National Council on Independent Living

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

World Institute on Disability